eSurf S1 2018 electric surfboard for sale

eSurf S1 2018 electric surfboard for sale

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The eSurf S1 2018 electric surfboard from ePropulsion is good electric surfboard for beginners and families, but has limited power. It is currently the cheapest electric surfboard on the market.

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Designed to turn any flat waters into surfing playgrounds, eSurf S1 can take you to surf anytime anywhere! Compared to traditional surfboards, eSurf S1 is also very easy to maneuver for anyone including beginners. Get an eSurf S1 and enjoy easy surfing!


Size: 2300x760x100mm
90x30x3.9 inch
Weight: 26.7kg / 59lbs
Maximum Speed: 26kph / 16mph/ 14knots
Maximum Load: 100kg / 220lbs
Running Time: 20Min(@Max.Speed)

What's included in a package:

eSurf surfboard x1
Lithium battery x1
Charger x1
Hydrofoil x1
Remote x1
Hand pump x1
Hand strap x1
Ankle Leash (with attached kill switch) x1
Kill switch (for backup) x1
Repair kit x1


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