Radinn G2X 2018 electric surfboard for sale
Radinn G2X 2018 electric surfboard for sale in black

Radinn G2X electric surfboard for sale

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The Radinn G2X 2018 electric surfboard is developed in Sweden. It is the second generation of electric jetboards from Radinn after the earlier Radinn Wakejet.


The most advanced of its kind. Reach speeds of up to 58 km/h in near complete silence. No need for messy oil change or maintenance. Just head out and enjoy this brand new sport without the need of wind, waves or a boat.



  • 51,8 V; 56,1 Ah; 2900 Wh
  • Push to close, 3 push-buttons to open
  • IP69K waterproof
  • 25 min ride time (Power Pack)
  • Up to 45 min ride time (Power Pack XL)


  • 40 kg including battery
  • Up to 30 knots < 80 kg
  • Up to 25 knots < 95 kg


  • 15kW
  • Computational fluid dynamic design
  • Easily replaced trhough 6 screws

Radinn Ultra Fast Charger

  • ~ 2 hours charging time

Radinn Power Pack

  • ~ 2800 Watt hours (~25 min full speed)

Radinn Power Pack XL

  • ~ 4000 Watt hours (~35 min full speed)

Radinn Up-and-Go Grip

  • Handle grip, rope and fastener for beginners


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